Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Mystery photos questions and answers, bit of a ramble and a video vlog look at a thanet guide for 1831

 Q 1 Do you know which well known Thanet pub this is? as far as I know it has been rebuilt three times in roughly the same place and this is the second version, not the one we have now.
 Q2 Do you know where this pram race is taking place?
 Q3 never seen this one before, do you know what the lions mark the entrance to?

 Q4 which Thanet hospital?

Q4 do you know where in Thanet this is? Don't worry if you don't I have to put the off really difficult one in for the people who find the rest easy.

A quiet January day here at Michael's Bookshop where I work in Ramsgate, there is a lot of road closure in this part of Ramsgate meaning the busses are not stopping near the bookshop and there is much less passing traffic, making the shop a quieter than it normally is.

This meant a fair bit of stock went out

link to the photos of the books

next another go at vlogging, which I am learning by doing and I hope will get progressively better

Yesterday's answers
 Answer 1 Ramsgate High Street
I had issues getting the image of of Google Earth - the progressive pain of the internet, but you can see how it is now.

 Answer 2. This proved to be a difficult one for most people although Nelson Place in Broadstairs is much the same now.
 as you can see after more trouble copying from Google.

 Answer three was another difficult one, the photo comes from the Mick Twyman collection and he says Athelstan Rd. 1908 I am not entirely certain about this but think it may be where the garage is now, at the junction of Northdown Road
Comment on yesterdays identified as Athelstan Road. I think it looks like the old dental surgery in Dalby Square.
So there it is
No 4 if want more detail about this here is the link

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  1. Picture 3 isn't on Althestan Road, the building still stands - its on Dalby Square ;-)


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