Saturday, 11 January 2020

Where in Thanet is this? X 5 Yesterday's answers and a minor ramble

Where in Thanet 1
Where in Thanet 2
Where in Thanet 3
Where in Thanet 4
Where in Thanet 5

I haven't been at work in Michael's Bookshop today, instead I have been upstairs in our flat decorating and repairing. I figured that with Plains of Waterloo closed, no buses running to the bus stop outside the bookshop, we would have a quiet day and I should get on with the stuff that gets put off.

With four children two of whom are still at school the flat takes a fair old pounding and we need space to put up older children when they come to stay, plus of course friends and relations.

White walls pine furniture and easy to clean is the general direction I keep going in, some dark and gloomy wardrobes have gone.

As things worked out the bookshop was fairly busy, my wife, the other two people who work here Saturdays did all the work while I assembled a pine wardrobe, determined that any child climbing in it would fall through the bottom and the back would fall off, wound up modifying it to deal with anyone searching for Narnia. 

Why stuff is made so badly and with such a limited life, it's like plastic packaging, everything aimed at profit rather than sustainability. 

While working on wardrobe I listened to Ted Hughes reading from his translation of bits of Ovid's Metamorphosis. here is the link

link to the books we put out today 

yesterday's answers
Answer 1. I think the photo dates from around 1956, as you can see if you click on it and expand it it's the bottom end of York Terrace, The buildings on the right are the harbour end of Leopold Street.

The most distant of the missing buildings would have been The Admiral Napier with our photo being of the shop roughly where the fence is closest to us and the people are sitting. I would guess this photo dated from the late 1960s.

 Answer 2. I don't think anyone got the answer, Hare and Hounds

 Answer 3. The structure in the background is the railway turntable, which would be outside Wetherspoons in Ramsgate now it turned round the trains at Ramsgate Sands Station.

Answer 4 Royal Albion Margate.

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