Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Ramsgate Maritime Museum at risk

At the end of this month the curator of the museum goes leaving the museum and all of the artefacts inside uncared for and unguarded.

The museum has already suffered an act of vandalism last Christmas when 17 windows were smashed.

Preston Steam Museum and the council are engaged in negotiations for the steam museum that already owns all of the artefacts and vessels to take over the clock tower building, but at this late stage they still haven’t.

One problem is that the back of the museum is poorly lit and not properly covered by the harbours security cameras.

We have already lost the historical artefacts that were in the museum in Ramsgate Library to the fire and now for our remaining museum to be so vulnerable is just unacceptable.


  1. I quite agree Michael - the whole situation regarding our Thanet Museums and the safekeeping of our artefacts is scandalous

  2. Well done michael for bringing this up.You are right when you say that ramsgate needs to protect its history.I hope they sort it out quickly.

  3. As usual you are pretty spot on but do you really think it was a good idea to let people know that the back of the museum is poorly lit and not covered by cameras. Its an open invite to some criminals. Maybe i shouldnt have just pointed that out again.

  4. Could be a sting operation and Michael has just scared the crims off ?

  5. I am afraid that the people who are likely to cause vandalism there are all too well aware of the situation, I hung out there as a youf in the 60s and these things tend to carry on.

    My feelings are that the more people who are aware of the risk the better, what is important though is that the council get on with the handover to Preston Steam Museum so that they can deal with the problem.

  6. Michael, I hope they have a decent fire prevention system.

  7. I agree with you Michael something needs to be done about our museums I am dismayed at TDC's way in dealing with the problem :- ignore it and it will go away


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