Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Steve Ladyman MP - Policing Pledge

Stephen Ladyman Press Release

Steve Ladyman, Labour MP for South Thanet, is joining forces with Labour’s Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to raise awareness of the policing pledge.

Now Steve Ladyman MP is supporting a new public information campaign launched today by Jacqui Smith to raise awareness of the level of service people should expect from the police.

The Pledge, which was rolled out nationally in December 2008, gives local people an unprecedented say over how their communities are policed and the opportunity to hold the police to account – to ensure they are getting the service they want. It also means people can be confident that the police are delivering the same set of national service standards throughout the country while still delivering action on their local priorities.

The Pledge is just one part of the Policing Green Paper, published last summer, which signalled a fundamental shift in police acountability and reporting. The focus is now on police reporting and responding to local communities rather than central government as well as on individual police officers having the responsibility and the discretion to tackle the issues that matter locally.

Steve Ladyman Labour MP for South Thanet said:

“I know how important it is for people to feel like they can access the police when they need them and the pledge is about empowering people to know what service level they can expect.

“It is also about ensuring all police forces across the country are offering the same high level of service. Thanks to Labour’s investment the focus now is on police responding to local communities and individual police officers being able to tackle the issues that matter locally. It is important that we let people know what they can expect.

“Since Labour came to power we have been committed to raising the levels of community policing with our introduction of dedicated Neighbourhood beat teams for every area.

“This is compared to the Tories whose £160 million Home Office budget cuts could see more than 3,500 police cuts across England and Wales meaning 93 less police officers in Kent.”

Jacqui Smith MP, Labour’s Home Secretary said:

“I am determined to give people a louder voice in how crime is tackled in their communities so we can continue to drive down crime and drive up public confidence.

“The public are our strongest weapon in tackling crime and the Policing Pledge is a clear deal about what you can expect from the police. I passionately believe that building confidence by giving you more local crime information, listening to your concerns and making your priorities our priorities we will drive up the quality of policing for communities everywhere.

“I want people to be empowered and take advantage of the new deal policing pledge and that is why this new campaign is crucial in ensuring that you know the minimum standard of service you should receive and that you have a greater say and influence over how your streets are policed.”


  1. All unlawful Michael.

    Police do not answer to Government. They hold office as independent ministerial officers of the Crown. Their master is the law itself.

    More control freakery New Labour. Bigger and bigger Government taking powers unto itself it cannot lawfully hold.

  2. 1. For more information visit

    2. On Monday 5 January, David Cameron announced that he intends to restrict the Home Office’s budget to a 1 per cent real terms increase for 2009/10, which would require a cut of £160 million in just three months’ time.
    “…maintaining the government's spending plans for the NHS, schools, defence and International development, but restricting other departments to a 1 per cent increase in real terms.”
    (David Cameron, speech on spending plans, January 5 2009)

    3. The proportion of the Tory cuts to police numbers that would affect xxx region is derived from the latest publicly available figures on the relative strength of police forces - the Home Office Statistical Bulletin on Police Service Strength, published 22 July 2008.
    This set out that xxx region made up zzz % of the total number of police officers in England and Wales, as at 31 March 2008.

    4. The last published data (Home Office Statistical Bulletin on Police Service Strength, sets out that as at 31 March 2008 there were 141859 full-time equivalent police officers serving in the 43 forces in England & Wales. Based on the relative strength of police forces in these figures, the effect of the £160m cut proposed by the Conservatives for 2009/10 would be the equivalent of reductions in officer numbers for each police force as follows, with slight variation in numbers due to rounding:
    North East
    Cleveland – 42 officers
    Durham – 41
    Northumbria – 99

    North West
    Cheshire – 55
    Cumbria - 31
    Gtr Manchester - 201
    Lancashire - 92
    Merseyside - 112

    Yorks & Humber
    Humberside - 56
    N Yorks - 39
    S Yorks - 80
    W Yorks - 146

    East Midlands
    Derbyshire – 53
    Leicestershire – 56
    Lincolnshire - 30
    Northamptonshire - 33
    Nottinghamshire - 59

    West Midlands
    Staffordshire - 57
    Warwickshire - 26
    West Mercia - 62
    West Midlands - 211

    Bedfordshire - 30
    Cambridgeshire - 34
    Essex - 85
    Hertfordshire - 54
    Norfolk - 39
    Suffolk - 33

    City of London - 21
    Met - 789

    South East
    Hampshire - 98
    Kent - 93
    Surrey - 49
    Sussex - 77
    Thames Valley - 105

    South West
    Avon and Somerset - 85
    Devon and Cornwall - 89
    Dorset - 38
    Gloucestershire - 34
    Wiltshire - 30

    Dyfed Powys - 30
    Gwent - 37
    N Wales - 39
    S Wales – 81

    5. The adverts promote the site as a key way for people to access information about policing including the details of their local policing team, a copy of the pledge itself and local crime information. There is also a new number for people to text to get the phone number for their local neighbourhood policing team and their police force non-emergency number. Text ‘PLEDGE’ followed by your POSTCODE to 66101 in order to get details of your local team.

    6. This new Policing Pledge is a set of promises to local residents that not only gives more information about local policing, but also ensures that communities across the country will have a stronger voice in telling the police what they think is most important and what they are most worried about.

    7. All forces across the country have now signed up to deliver the Pledge. This means that it will be easier for you to have your say on how they police your local area, and guarantees that wherever you live, you can expect the same, high level of service. But it’s more than just having a say about how your local community is policed. The Policing Pledge makes a number of promises on how it will deal with you, your problem and the kind of service you can expect.

    You are entitled to:
    A clear set of commitments from the police about their service
    A local Pledge about how your neighbourhood will be policed
    Contact details for your neighbourhood policing team
    Monthly public meetings with your local police team to agree what matters most
    Access to information on local crimes including crime maps and feedback on what action has been taken in your area by visiting or searching for Policing Pledge online.

    Eleanor Holmes

    South East Regional Communications Officer
    The Labour Party

    T: 0118 923 9402
    M: 07912 311 215
    F: 0118 986 4493 Sent by email from the Labour Party, promoted by Ray Collins on behalf of The Labour Party, both at 39 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0HA. Website: ; to join or renew call 08705 900 200.


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