Monday, 16 March 2009

What’s new T D Cat

One part of the councils website that has significantly improved is the part where they put up documents like Reports and Minutes, some of them are even published in ordinary html so opening them doesn’t make my computer angry.

It does however have some serious problems the first being that there is no list of what’s new, so you have to trawl through all of it that takes about half an hour, so I won’t be doing it that often.

Obviously the best way to do this would be to have feeds enabled on their website so anything new that went anywhere on the thousands of pages would appear, like recent comments do on the sidebar of this blog.

Another problem is things seem to take an incredibly long time to appear, which means that they have lost a lot of their relevance when they do appear.

I think the problem here is a bit of a dark ages approach to publishing on the internet, by this I mean that there seems to be an assumption that you have to be especially trained or qualified to publish to the internet.

So it seems that once a council office has written something for publication on the web, it has to go off to the IT department for publication, delaying the whole matter.

I can assure anyone this needn’t be the case if you click on the comments link below this post and type your comment in the window that appears, then click on publish your comment, then you have published to the internet.

Anyway I have put links to the documents that have appeared recently that I found of interest below for anyone who doesn’t fancy a great trawl, the caps are not mine it’s all just pasted and copied from the councils website.

Kent International Airport - Night-time Noise Policy$$$Minutes.doc.htm
Kent International Airport Variation to s.106 Agreement$Annex1mgv.doc.htm
Cabinet Minutes of the meeting held on 12 February 2009 at 7.00 pm at Council Chamber$$$Minutes.doc.htm
OVERVIEW AND SCRUTINY PANEL 27 January 2009$Minutes.htm
Planning Committee Wednesday, 18th February, 2009 7.00 pm

Main site

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