Saturday, 14 March 2009

Wolves in sheep’s clothing shop

I have been loathe to make any comment about the woollen shop incident but having ploughed through the hundreds of pages of documents for the standards board I find myself described as someone who would not hesitate to challenge the current administration.

The whole document is a huge pdf file that seems to confound quite a few people’s computers, I often wonder if government departments publish to the internet in this way just to confound us, click on the link if you think your computer can handle it$$ADocPackPublic.pdf if not click on the image of the relevant bit above to enlarge it.

Although I take the statement that I wouldn’t hesitate to challenge the current administration as a compliment, I should point out that I wouldn’t hesitate to challenge a Labour administration either, especially over issues that relate to health and safety of local people.

What I do find most disturbing is this attempt to discredit witnesses, I also find the inference that the council leader could be involved in council officers job applications in some way very worrying indeed.

The question really though is where do we go from here virtually everyone I speak to of every political persuasion is unhappy with the current council leadership, obviously in the fullness of time when all the petitioning and voting has been done and the people of Thanet elect a leader, the problem will go away or at least change.

There is one question that I would put to councillors it is that, were the present leader to stand for election as the new leader to be elected by the people of Thanet, would he get in? Because if the answer to that question is, not a cat in hell’s chance, then I think they should consider doing something about the situation now.


  1. I think you are wrong Michael, anyone who upsets Iris gets my vote

  2. 13.14 All I can say is how childish, you comment says more about your lack of intellect or acumen than any argument you might try and string together.

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  4. Sorry anonymous personal comments are just not on 14.31 this is an important issue and I have much less of a problem with the incident that this attempt to discredit witnesses, which is what this post is about.

  5. Discrediting witnesses is done all the time Michael. Of course it is not right. Usually it is not done so clumsily.

    I suppose an extreme but reasonably well known case now would be Colonel Colin Wallace and Major Fred Holroyd.

    If in the confidential material I emailed you look through and tick the names holding junior rank whose evidence might be dissident ?

    Now to determine which ones ended up taking stress related retirement or force organised counselling .. just put a tick against each previous tick.

    Small price for a generous pension and early retirement and a getout for dodging the duty column.

    A little story 13.14 about pushing people about.

    My late father was the Commandant of local Red Cross. On flag day a yob kicked the flag tray up into the face of the rather overweight and vulnerable girl selling the flags.

    That night my father said he won't have a drink. He was pretty sure he would be called out as he was also the County Council paid ambulanceman. He had made a phone call.

    That evening at about closing time. 999. Out goes Pop with the two tones blaring. He picks up the yob who kicked the flag tray. He had been bent backwards over iron railing fence and then hit with a steel bar across his diaphragm.

    "Oddly enough ow boy just about where a flag tray would rest against a person" sez the old chap.

    And he pocketed his overtime and call out pay.

    About two miles away there was a village called Bildeston where lived, as country gents, a couple of herberts called Reg and Ron who allegedly were generous to local charities such as the Red Cross run Disabled Club which was funded to buy an ex County Council ambulance and fitted with wheelchair lift and seats. The garage doing this work seemed happy to only charge for parts.

    If you want the rule of the jungle don't cry foul ?

  6. On the subject of influencing officers over choice of candidates for council jobs - how did Cheryl Exekiel get the job in the Mayor's office?
    You should be flattered Michael the leader is so paranoid he takes comments you make on board - nearly fell off my chair when i saw your name brought in on the case,not to mention ECR interesting how important blogging really is when it is dismissed as irrevelant much of the time - keep up the good work!


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