Wednesday, 27 May 2009

David Cameron: We need a radical redistribution of power

Laura Sandys press release
I urge you to read this speech by David Cameron, addressing the expenses issue and trust in MPs, but going much further and laying out a new way of government, a reinvigorated Parliament with the people at the heart of our democracy.

As a member of the Democracy Taskforce that published several reports over the last few years on reforming Government and Parliament it was very good to see many of our proposals at the heart of David’s speech.

He warned that people feel "increasingly powerless" and "at the mercy of powerful elites that preside over them" – and outlined plans for a "massive, sweeping, radical redistribution of power”:

"From the state to citizens; from the government to parliament; from Whitehall to communities. From Brussels to Britain; from judges to the people; from bureaucracy to democracy."

He promised a Conservative Government would "replace bureaucratic accountability with democratic accountability" with local control over schools, housing and policing and more elected mayors.

He pledged to cut the number of MPs, publish all parliamentary information online in an open-source format, and curb the power of whips in parliament and spin doctors in the government.

The number of people that I know in Thanet – mothers, fathers, social workers, small business people, the retired - their views need to be respected. Everyone is part of the solution – with support and decisions from the community we as a country can succeed.

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