Saturday, 9 May 2009

Natural History and science books on the shelf

This is a fairly popular area in the bookshop particularly during spring and early summer for natural history books.

On the whole science related books tend to be relatively expensive to buy new so considerable savings can be made by buying them secondhand.

As a general bookseller I don’t stock textbooks mostly they do not lend themselves to secondhand, as they are usually out of date or no longer used on a local course by the time people come to sell them to me.

However if you get a sudden urge for a book about the poisonous snakes of Australia or land snails I may be able to help.

Click here for some pictures of the books on the shelves in the shop.

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  1. Mike

    Sorry to change subject but this is very important!

    Do you think that Steve Ladyman MP should resign from his position as a local president of the Royal British Legion (page 35 Kent On Sunday- view online) after voting against the rights of the Gurkhas ?

    Its a bit like a vicar voting against the choir!


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