Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Pleasurama minor update

As you can see from the cabinet minutes link in the post below and as you can see from the decisions record$$$Decisions.doc.htm it would appear that the performance bond has still not materialised.

The big question would seem to be has SFP got the money to build the development?

It says that it has a call in date of 20.5.2009 not being familiar with planning law I am not quite sure what this means but am assuming it means that they have to come up with the answer by then.

Could it be that after all this time the council are coming to the conclusion that having this development in the hands of a developer that never appears to have developed anything else could be a mistake.

I have also noticed Your Thanet has covered this story see

It would appear from that that SFP have already spent over £2,000,000 on the road layout built without a flood risk assessment strongly recommended by the EA, see the waste that occurs with an absentee developer is incredible.


  1. Keep at it Michael, i spot another climb down for Sandy and his co-horts!

  2. Anyone know what SFP stands for - Sandy, Frank and Painter comes to mind.

  3. Good one 19.05 can you enlighten us Michael?


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