Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Search Thanet District Council website

I noticed today that the main search box on the Thanet District Council website no longer works so I have added this facility to my sidebar.

I didn’t bother to pay the $100 to cut out advertising so you may get the odd sponsoring link come up.

You may need to delete your temporary internet files (right click on the internet explorer icon on your desktop and click on properties etc.) to view this.

Having struggled with the councils own search box for a number of years now I am extremely glad I did this as it does work properly.

Update, TDCs search box is working again as before, it returns no results for Pleasurama 2 results for Simon Moores neither of which lead to his contact details, the one on my sidebar returns 18 and 58 respectively.

So I managed to come up with a much more effective box for nothing, working on the premise that Google’s IT technicians know more about searching websites than I do.

Makes one wonder what the TDC one costs us, I find it strange the way TDC manages to come up with this sort of time warp IT.

Anyone using the latest version on internet explorer will notice that because this part of the TDC website is written in a very dated way the search box is shown out of alignment and partially obscures their logo


  1. Brilliant Put in Simon Moores, apparently he does a bit of after dinner speaking BRILL!

    You shouldn't be too sniffy on the advertising side, I'd like to think that you get some benefit from blogging to connect with your bookshop.

    I blog for the fun of it and I enjoy it but when you see, all the blog aggregating sites, you realise some blighter's earning good money from your efforts, check sitemeter referals.

    I put google adwords on my site almost as a point of principle if theirs money to had. Right now I'm on target to become a dollar millionaire just as the sun implodes into a blackhole.

  2. Sorry forgot to say your search is an improvement on TDC'S

  3. Tony glad you like the search facility I have to admit to spending much of yesterday when I should have been working playing with it.

    There is absolutely no doubt that my various websites including the blog promote the bookshop, if I hadn’t gone into internet activity in a fairly big way abut ten years ago I would say Ramsgate wouldn’t have a bookshop now, nor would it have my local history publications.


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