Monday, 10 May 2010

Ramsgate tunnels update.

For any of you unfamiliar with our main tunnel system first click on the map above to enlarge it so that you can see the extent of the system.

Then read my previous posts on the subject by clicking on

One of the readers of this blog has sent me some links to various pictures of them that he has published with some explanations, the combined pictures revealed by scrolling down the pages you arrive at by clicking on the various links below, form the most comprehensive and up to date view of the tunnel system that I know of:

This is the length of the original railway tunnel from which you can access the shelters as far as the St. Luke's entrance (before Cannon Road?) where a roof collapse now blocks progress round the system.

It was obviously this section that was being worked upon by the council recently. About August time the asbestos tiling in that section of tunnels had began to be put into bags for removal, there were also suits and wheelbarrows, these must have been there for a few months, a few body suits and some wheelbarrows are still left.

This is the Westcliff section as of a few months ago. Obviously this section has always been much more difficult to access, a large amount of original graffiti and some other period features remain.

This is the Cannon Road section (on the far side of the blockage)


  1. There's an 8 minute movie of most of the tunnel system HERE. The collapsed section is in the Boundary Road Recreation Ground area where they're at the shallowest point in relation to the surface. The section from Ellington Park to the harbour has the sewer pipe running through it.

    If anyone finds a set of keys to a Rover Metro down there they're mine - I lost them many years ago!

  2. I ventured into the tunnels (all three sections with the above bloggers from 28dl).

    Here is a link to my collection of photos. In no particular order these cover all three sections...


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