Wednesday, 20 September 2017

A good Catch at Ramsgate in about 1900, some thoughts on PPI, about 40 pictures of Ramsgate this evening, my preliminary Ramsgate Watercolour sketch and Turner Contemporary appoints 8 new trustees.

I would say this picture of the Ramsgate fishermen with their catch probably dates from about 1900, after 1893 anyway as you can see the top of the Custom House which was built then.

The original photo is in a pretty bad way and very small so I nearly didn’t recognise it, from the way its blown up I think it must have been a contact print.

I did manage to get to Wetherspoons at the end of the working day and there was about half an hour before the light became too difficult for me  to paint.

I think a bit more of this and I will try one on better paper, as you can see from the photo some of the proportions are no quite right.

Over the last 30 years or so I have occasionally borrowed money from the bank and I had a sneaky feeling that on some occasions the bank had miss-sold me things that I only bought to get the loan. I think it was probably all the spam emails and phone calls that eventually lead me to look into this. Anyway current legislation means that banks have to have their own department to sort this out, so I went on to my own banks website filled in the online form and they have started giving me back the money that they shouldn’t have taken.

Turner Contemporary have announced the appointment of eight new trustees today, here is the link to all of their trustees biogs and photos

A short walk to the west after painting, here is the link to the photos

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