Saturday, 2 September 2017

Painting in the cathedral, some out and about Ramsgate photos and the inevitable ramble.

 I bunked off to Canterbury today where the new McDonald's was in full swing, 'friad I avoided it, however I expect it is better as it was packed.
 Chocolate Cafe for me where I tried to do something about the reflections in the shop window in the watercolour from there
 the fundamental mistake I made was not having the bottom of the windows in the painting
 never mind all these things are part of the learning curve
 The other painting is St Anselm's Chapel in Canterbury Cathedral with St Paul and the viper, anyway I think it was St Paul shipwrecked there, lots of dappled sunlight
 All rather difficult

This is as far as I got 

 I would have tried The Lady Chapel as it is much more uncertain, but being on the north side it's too dark as well.

looking north you get optical illusions like this, the stained glass windows at the top are on the north side while those at the bottom are on the south side.

I took the bus to Canterbury today as I wasn't going book buying and as it takes 50 mins from Ramsgate Harbour to the middle of Canterbury it's probably quicker than going by car or train if you take into account walking to and from stations or car parks.

Back in Ramsgate this evening all of the pubs and cafes seemed to be busy here is the link to the out and about snapshots there is a lot of harbour activity with the cable laying and windfarm boats. I can see that I would need a much better camera to get good shots of the vessels at sea.

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