Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Council goes camp, schools close but Turner Contemporary remains open

Joseph Mallord William Turner, 236 when asked about blacklegging said, “If I could find anything blacker than black, I'd use it.”

Thanet District Council have issued a press release saying; “Council’s services are expected to be affected on Wednesday 30 November as unions are planning a national day of industrial action over pension reforms.” See

I emailed them about this, see below.

Subject: Re: PRESS RELEASE - Council's services may be affected by industrial strike a...
Date: 28/11/2011 17:07:40 GMT Standard Time
Reply To: 

Hi *****, Did you Rally mean affected and not effected?

Am I to expect a camp roadsweeper on Wed or no roadsweeper?  

Best regards Michael
But so far haven’t received a reply.
I may add to this if anything else of the same type occurs to me later.  


  1. To be fair Michael, you're in no position to criticise their spelling & grammar when you wrote "Rally" instead of "really". ; )

  2. Well spotted Peter, I now have a phone with completely out of control word processing that writes whatever word it feels like, so you can expect a lot more of this sort of thing, unless I find a way round it.

    I think this is know locally as the DrM affect.

  3. Modern technology, eh? The only phone I have these days is the one in my living room (I did have a mobile but got rid of it).

  4. Oddly enough Peter it was really a compact camera I wanted as I bust mine and the £100 budget didn’t really come up with the camera that ticked all the boxes, reasonable definition, short time from turning it on to taking the picture, and an optical viewfinder. Having decided I couldn’t get this and quite fancying the idea of being able to watch BBC TV on my phone, publish to the blog with it and so on I opted for the upgrade. The thing I miss most on my old phone is MS Word. Having said this about the only thing I hardly ever use my phone for is phone calls and text messages

  5. Michael, phones or computers only display what you put into them unless you have a spell checker with a bad dictionary. If you have, turn the damned thing off and give us an even bigger laugh.

  6. 16.07 I only got the thing on Friday so it like changing to from Widows to Mac, when you have been using windows for the last few years.

    My previous phone had a real keyboard this one only has an onscreen one, the previous one you typed it all out and then clicked on the spell check and it gave you options for each misspelled word, this one adjusts the words as you type.

    The bottom line here is that I don’t have much time to devote to the blog, so have to do what I do very quickly indeed, about 60 words per min on the computer and about 30 on the phone.

  7. Watts thiss spellink fing thatt yu aree wall ticking aboot?

  8. OK John this is what I get if I type your comment on my phone

    Watts those spellink ring thatt yummy Ares wall ticking shoot


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