Tuesday 22 November 2011

Optical illusions Drawings and photos

This one was based on some of the management team of Turner contemporary. The only one I was fairly pleased with was Victoria Pomery, centre.

The idea is to try to incorporate likenesses in the illusion of three faces sharing the same parts.

Next I had a go at our political leaders Cameron, Clegg and Miliband.

Oddly enough it is the side profiles that give the most trouble again.
 I know I should have been working and not sitting at my bookshop counter drawing.

The Ramsgate photos were taken this morning when I went for a walk, the only thing I have done to them is invert them and then produce mirror images of the inverted image.

I quite like the idea of drawing something from an imposable angle. 

In this case it would be Ramsgate viewed from the bottom of the harbour. 

On the whole drawing from photographs is a bit boring, so if this is something you do then you may find turning your sketches into some sort of optical illusion makes things more interesting. 

I tried giving the first one a wash, to see if it looks any better.

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