Friday 25 November 2011

Pictures of Ramsgate from the Tower of the Granville

Here are the links to some of the pictures.

There will be some more to come plus the ones of inside the tower.

I didn’t really know what size to put the pictures up or whether to delete some of the ones that were similar or not so good, some feedback on this one would be helpful. 

Another page here, different (compact camera, the previous pages were taken with a DSLR)

None of the pictures linked to this post are the same as the ones linked to yesterdays post.

Next some of the pictures inside the tower, a content warning here as some of the graffiti much of which dates from when it was a lookout post in 1940 is a tad obscene, here is the link to the pictures

Items of note here are the Otis lift winding gear and motor, the plate says Otis Waygood so I could be pre war, I am not sure how you date these as Otis made their own motors and quite modern 1960s ones have the same look as the pre war ones. 

You can see there is a structural issue with the tower which is about to be addressed.

This tower was originally much taller and the height of it was reduced sometime before 1900, the purpose of the tower was for water tanks relating to the spa baths and hotel. 


  1. Good to see another local Waygood-Otis installation make itself known. They had good custom in the South East.

    Folkestone x3, Margate Lido, Viking Bay Broadstairs, Ramsgate x3, Walpole Bay Hotel, The Granville Hotel and probably many of the other Thanet hotels now lost.

    Started life as Messrs. R. Waygood & Company and were merged with Otis Elevators before long.

  2. Just discovered an old Waygood lift when refurbishing a property - all hidden behind false walls :-). If interested in photos, email me on


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