Friday, 4 November 2011

Council website misplaces royal visit.

I don’t know if this some sort of equivalent of a queen sacrifice in chess but the boffins at TDCIT seem to have lost the queen from the council’s homepage.

The royal visit announcement was there, and the council issued a press release today see the press release didn’t have an embargo on it, so why it hasn’t appeared is a bit of a mystery.

Why the notification of the royal visit has vanished from the council’s homepage is a bit of a mystery, this leaves the councils homepage top event the coffee morning and plant sale. This event is on tomorrow so it should vanish at midnight, part of the Alice in Wonderland feature in TDCIT is that events featured on their homepage vanish at the beginning of the day they are actually on.

The councils Facebook wall is leading with the night flights application, see they last tweeted the Margate football club proposals.

Perhaps the council are engaged in low treason, their other website, Visit Thanet doesn’t mention the royal visit but does say.

“Fri 11 Nov 2011            Margate Old Town      History Walkers Margate
Margate Visitor Information Centre, The Droit House, Stone Pier, Margate, Kent            12:00   01843 223300
Fri 11 Nov 2011            Margate's Historic Shops   History Walkers Margate
Margate Visitor Information Centre, The Droit House, Stone Pier, Margate, Kent            11:00   01843 223300”

Perhaps the history walkers will walk into her majesty. 


  1. Maybe Security has something to do with it?

  2. 9.11 I have to admit that the first thing that occurred to me was that they had forgotten to put an embargo on the press release so I checked the queen’s website to make sure that it had been updated and I wasn’t compromising her security by publishing the places she will be visiting.

    What this sort of thing costs in terms of lost visitors and the resultant damage to the local economy is the problem. I think about 500 people visit this website a day, so looking at this weekend and the people who would have known about the event and visited Thanet if the information had been on the council’s websites, I think the figure would be in the thousands, add to that the high search engine prominence given to visit Thanet and the TDC homepage, I expect the damage to the local economy to be large.

  3. I just really hope that she visits The Winter Gardens, a place that's been entertaining people for 100 years (her mum visited on it's 75th anniversary in 1986). Far more important than a flash-in-the-pan art gallery.

  4. I started too write an article on TDC and the visit thanet websites rubbish listings and decided I dont care anymore. TDC'S LACK OF decent websites and listings has finally worn me down if I could be bothered I would contact the daily papers to show what a crap IT. department we have but anyone visiting will find that out for themselves and go elsewhere. Honestly you couldnt make some of TDC's efforts up

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  6. I didn't know Her Majesty was coming to Margate.

    I write a blog for Planning Magazine, and this week's post is about my recent visit to Margate Old Town and the Turner.

    You might find it interesting.

    I hope the Queen has as good a day in Margate as I did!

    Next week my post will be about Dreamland and the Tesco proposal, so you might like to check back this time next week for that...


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