Thursday, 29 March 2018

Maunday Thursday, old pictures of Thanet and a bit of a ramble.

The pictures should expand if you click on them a bit.

So Easter greetings, we are having an interesting time at the moment, my laptop conked out, then the till in the bookshop and now the car conking out that is.

I had this once when nearly all the white goods in the kitchen conked within a month.

We are mostly sorted now, but I am still posting my blogs with the phone, and it's so small.

Easter is always a good long break for us, but this year the weather is not looking so good.

Tea break in The Range at Westwood Cross, which was much needed and better than expected.

I am begining to feel that there is a strong cause and effect relationship between the Manston DCO and the interests of local developers.

We have a bit of a history of this here in Thanet and the business of the TDC officers working towards a local plan to protect the amount of housing development sprawl. This of course was followed by councillors voting down the local plan, which does seem to be a move towards opening up Thanet as a free for all for local developers.

I am becoming more and more concerned that the DCO hanging over us isn't directed towards developing the site for local employment, but is directed at what is actually happening.

On a more mundane note, the council rubbish and recycling collections carry on as usual through Easter to it goes out as usual on Good Friday and EasterMonday

Sorry about any errors, a folding bluetooth keyboard and a mobile phone is't the ideal way to post. I am however always trying to keep on the ball with mobile tec as it is the backup when the other stuff isn't available.

My book, Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami is particularly good reading, so I am a bit distracted.

Looking at laptops in Sainsbury I was struck that the only one that has a dvd drive was out of stock. I am wondering at what point the cd and dvd get counted as a redundant format. There are all sorts of issues if the shops go on selling them but the tec stops supporting them.

I think this is an area where I lucky to be in the book business, despite verious attempts to make the book into redundant media, it is very difficult to achieve.

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  1. Don't let the lack of a DVD drive put you off, the laptops are slimmer because of it. On the odd occasion I need a drive such as when I needed to create the recovery disks I just plug in a external DVD write/rewriter. Mine cost £12 on ebay a few years ago and they are still less then £15.


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