Friday, 30 March 2018

Margate and Ramsgate old photos and Good Friday rained off

These two photos show Margate clock tower when the pole on to was strait, straight, vertical, wosisname 

 1910 is wot the postmark says - so after 1910

 and not being able to read the postmark on this one but looking at the cars, I would think around WW1
 Ramsgate Sands Station when the sidings extended past the tunnel entrance and Augusta Stairs
The steam coming from the fishing smack wouldn't have been from a steam engine to drive the boat along, but would have come from a coal fired steam winch which allowed the smack to be sailed using a very small crew.

So much of the good old days was dependent on people hardly being paid for hard work and living in abject poverty. Smack crew often being paid in the fish that no one wanted to buy.

Bank Holiday, Good Friday, rained off today, verious commitments meant we found ourselves in Broadstairs after lunch, I had no idea what to do, it was pouring with rain.

So I started writing this in Sainsbury's due to the peculiar mixture of Easter and rain.

I tried to sketch the lights on the ceiling, the camera, after the event makes it look easy, as you can see I didn't even manage to decode the pattern.

I suggested WC shopping centre, but when we got there the traffic jam and the rain made the car park under Sainsbury's strangely attractive.

I would guess back in the day, we would have gone, where? Wet Easter bank holiday, well the guests in the guesthouses I think were often thrown out during the day. Pleasurama, the main hall as we called it would have been full. The Long Bar, front of Pleasurama, I think the licensing hours would have been Sunday? I don’t suppose the strippers would have been working on Good Friday. The Pav, I think The Showbar, much more a family venue, I think, or was it?

Wetherspoons this evening, pretty much full at 6.30 in March makes me wonder about the rest of the building. Have the council applied planning restrictions? Would it work if it was Half as big again? And of course why is it so so busy? My own take is that it is that it is just because it is very much better than most other places including the other Wetherspoons I have been to. The combination of, clean friendly environment, cost (Family 6 of us, food and drink tonight £42)

We are back at work tomorrow in the bookshop and then a couple more days off/closed, sunday and bank holiday this may be the link to the books that went out last

Frankly making html links with a mobile phone is very hit and miss

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