Saturday, 31 March 2018

A little local history and the new laptop tussle

In ancient times the village of Fordwich was a town governed by a mayor and Jurats, they administered justice and condemned evildoers to be put to death by drowning.

Scolding wives were strapped to the ducking chair and lowered to the bottom of the river, after which they were put into a specially designed loft over the prison to dry out.

O sorry I digress here and see to have slipped of the edge of the Isle of Thanet. Wantsum yes Thanet no.

Pleasurama site in Ramsgate 

Above is an artists impression of it, as I remember the developer was to have been Westcliff Park Estates who have produced the very attractive development opposite the boating pool on the westcliff in Ramsgate.

Part of the offer was to have been a swimming pool on the ground floor, this would have been given to the town on completion.

The council turned down the developer on the grounds that they were financially unsound and opted instead for an offshore company whose accounts were a secret.

So having bought another laptop and had an invigorating time with it, as everything is slightly different 
 And now trying to read the camera card, here we go - this afternoon from the bottom of Harbour Street
zoomed in but a fail on the horizon straightening.

Photos from phone camera to laptop, all fine, on and off the cloud.

The replacement laptop Lenovo ideapad 320 from Curry's seems to be ok so far. This fell into the mid range laptop, under £300, that would be OK for my personal use, available locally today. as ever with tec I will endeavour to let blog readers know how it goes.

At the moment it is doing major updates, I can't get the touchpad to scroll, but will probably be able to to after Windows updates.

Anyway as you would expect a bit of a messy blog post as I try to get the new tec to work for me.

I will probably add to this post a bit as I try stuff and see how it looks online

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