Sunday, 25 March 2018

It's so small, some old Thanet pictures

As always I am hoping the pictures will expand if you click on them a bit.
This is one of many that come up, I think taken from one of the upstairs windows in Albion House. When you look down into the area where the Queen's Head is it is often difficult to work out which building is what? There, missing, diffrent.

This is J W Gurney Butcher at 1 Hawley Street Margate in around 1900

This is another photo that I first posted years ago and has various stories associated with it.

The stone building is an astronomical observatory observatory I think, either associated with Pugin or the monks.

The most likely is that the WW1 catholic war memorial was to do with the abbot being against the development of the Westcliff

This is Dreamland before the cinema was built perhaps. Although probably further along as it looks like a bit of one of the railway stations on the right.

My laptop conked out yesterday and being a bit stubborn and also very interested in the way technology moves along I am trying to write all of this blog post only using my phone.

To me, being able to use the internet with mobile phone only is very important. Particularly being able to publish pictures with the right text under them and pictures that expand enough to be useful in the local history context.

I wil try to add to this post in a bit, editing what I have published is another aspect of something I hope will work.

I managed to post and link the post to some of the local Facebook groups which was ok.

The next bit is a bit more complicated as the blogger app wouldn't let me arrange the text with the pictures, so I used the desktop website in the same way as I would with a computer.

This works as you can see, but it was difficult to write text in using the phone and bluetooth keyboard, so I am trying Google docs and a copy and paste.

Back to local issues, and I think the main question that I have started to ask recently, which is. The Thanet problems and who should be solving them?

I see a lot of comment saying that basically everything is down to ‘the council’ although most of the people who say this don’t seem to know that there is more than one council, of if they do which council they mean.

Here in Ramsgate we have and had various  local groups and I think I would include the town council, but Ramsgate Society, Ramsgate Tunnels Group, Eastcliff Residents association. I also think that there have been fallings out and splits within groups over the years, but some of the Ramsgate issues are now so pressing that there me be areas of common purpose that would overcome individual differences.

On to the most recent books to go out in the bookshop

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