Friday, 16 March 2018

A few old Ramsgate and Margate pictures

The old pictures of Ramsgate will expand if you click on them a bit

It’s British science week and I suppose I ought to say something, in my murky past I had a brushing acquaintance with science both as a potential experimental subject and as a mechanic of sorts.

Recycling is the subject of a BSA (British Science Association and not the well known motorcycle “Bloody Sore Ass”) survey that has prompted much interest and even more confusion.

I wonder if I follow this to the letter whether it agrees with the Thanet Council criteria, here is the link

It’s a funny old world but the younger people are the less they seem to be keen on recycling and yet the more the will be affected if we don’t do it properly. I had thought this was the case for some time and it’s wosisname to have this confirmed by the BSA.

 Ramsgate today has all the look of spring having sprung

 a small tweak to the phone's camera settings making it look positively caribbean
or at least summery, it's is very difficult to reconcile this to the BBC weather app saying it is going to snow here tomorrow.

Anyway here are the Margate pictures

We ate in Wetherspoons here in Ramsgate this evening and I am struck that the cleontel is very much families out for an evening meal in a clean and comfortable environment.

The bookshop was busy today although I am expecting tomorrow's snow or forecast of snow to make tomorrow a quiet trading day, we had some very quiet days during the last lot.

Here is the link to the pictures of the books that went out on the shelves today and if the weather is bad don’t risk it but contact the bookshop and we will reserve anything you want for you, here is the bookshop contact page

I am hoping to skive off and paint if the weather allows 

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