Thursday, 1 March 2018

A cold welcome at Wetherspoons, the mad march wosisname at Ramsgate, is it the first day of spring, a great victory for Conservatism in Thanet.

My day of today, no slaving away over a hot bookshop or whatever it is I do, no driving around Kent buying books and painting watercolour sketches either.

Having leapt out of bed and pinched and punched anyone who was about ready for the first day of spring I looked out of the window; well it could have happened like that.

As you see the first of today’s old Ramsgate pictures features wosisnames jumping over mushrooms; is that right?

 The weather got worse, the children got sent home from school, the weather got a bit better and we decided that Wetherspoons would be a good place for lunch

unfortunately something had gone wrong with the heating, most of the radiators were cold and so were the people inside.
I complained, so hopefully it will be sorted out, but I would consider phoning them up before venturing out.
 So is it the first day of spring? Or is this some horrible mistake? Perhaps it should be the vernal equinox? And what does vernal mean? Greenish I think. I will have to check these things out.
 Bob Bayford Conservative is one again our glorious leader; at TDC that is. I think the collapse of the UKIP administration and the beginning of a situation of no overall control will be  noticed at meetings up and down the island.
 Back in 2011 when Bob was last elected king of the council he was noted for coining the phrase: "The people of Thaned don't know they are born."
 By the end of 2011 Bob lost, by a narrow margin and the leadership went to Clive Hart Lab, and now I am trying for the life of me to remember the mark Bob left on Thanet.
I am still of the opinion that the leader of the council should be elected by us the voters and council taxpayers.
  I suppose Ramsgate Town Council could still be considered a UKIP administration and I think could be having a court battle with TDC soon, so perhaps something may happen there.
 Today is world book day, but because it is Thursday the bookshop here in Ramsgate was closed, in view of today's weather I don't expect it really made that much difference either way.
 Here is the link to the pictures of the books that went out on the shelves yesterday 
I just realised that I managed to spell Thanet wrongly in the title of the post and have corrected it

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  1. memories of getting the No 52 bus from Margate to see Ramsgates lights in the summer ,the coronation coach etc pure magic! Lovely set of photos thank you


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