Tuesday, 20 March 2018

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bookshop, out and about wiv Mi ana few old picies

Now there are various ways to this bookshop and other bookshops and one of them is the technical route. I honestly think that most of our new customers find their way to the bookshop here in Ramsgate in the way they used to before the internet.

I may go into how people find their way into bookshops later on, it is a subject that has been explored by different people and never really resolved.

Anyway today I had one of those spam phone calls from someone telling me that my business wasn’t registered on google and there was something in his tone of voice – just as I was putting the phone down as he was saying, “it isn’t you know.”

I would say that the goggle reviews are becoming more important that the Tripadvisor ones, partly because of the way they are linked to the Google search engine and Google maps.

Back in the day I am pretty sure that the Google listing for my bookshop was linked to me. Now in these days of phone verification and stuff it – well it just wasn’t, and now after an hour fighting with the beast – well it really isn’t much better.

Anyway if you are one of those people who runs a business and when you go to https://business.google.com you can’t do stuff, albeit, very limited stuff, then you need to sort your stuff out by clicking on “claim this business” if you don’t and someone phones you up and says they are Mr or Ms Google you may panic and believe them.

I am one of the “no matter how bad it is, keep control of your own web presence” school of thought. My main web presence being this blog, which I am able to add to or remove stuff from using my computer, tablet or phone.

Out and about, evidently another new cafe is going to open on King St where Il Tricolore moved out from, a very large pizza oven arrived today 

 A new Kitchen Showroom in what I always think of as Olby's, recently Community Citchen and Cats in Crisis.
 The main chunk of the Olby Building, recently Blockbuster and Morrison's is too big for anyone to take on I figure.

I don't remember the the previous Olby building there, not sure if it was built after I DFL'd in around 1965
 Pictures of this bit of King Street in the 1960s are a bit thin on the ground
and even when you do find them a bit elusive.
Whatever I was looking at back then it wasn't shops
If Clair's and New Look go it will certainly leave a very big hole in the high street
Interestin card in New Look
Brings new meaning to the the phrase "career opportunity" It occurs to me that while I thought I was a shop assistant I may actually be a sales advisor, any ideas?
The 99p shop is still vacant
It's strange though as I had to queue in Savers, I guess they have the right idea, cheaper than the other multiples.
on to architectural features

The oven going in, perhaps

 The Royal Hotel was rebuilt in 1938

I have been trying to paint people again and so not much of that at the moment, but an interesting thought about copyright, which is where do you stand if you paint a watercolour from a photo on the internet?

On the ITC front I would strongly recommend going to your Facebook account and clicking on the little arrow pointing down on the right hand end of the blue bar at the top, then going to settings then apps. 

Reviewing both what apps you have and what they are allowed to do may save trouble in the future, I don't like the idea of a Facebook app that I probably wasn't even aware I had affecting the democratic process in our elections. 

As always ITC is a learning curve and if you think you know what is going on then it's probably because you don't understand the situation properly.  

If you can read what I am writing now with the wosisname above, then you are doing pretty well.

So back to bookshops hre it today's books link so what is the origin of the kiss?

Funny things bookshops, that is. I am not much of an occultist - but the number of people who say the bookshop wasn't there last time they walked past, well it's enough to only elicit a "wasn't it" response.

It does sort of beg the question, so where were we? I mean the 7 of us who work here.

Terry Pratchett came up with L space for libraries so perhaps in B space.

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  1. The '99p shop' started as Vyes grocers. I worked their one summer when I was about 14 (1/10d per hour, c9p!) half a century ago. The store room was upstairs at the back and upstairs at the front were the fridges and butchery area. Interestingly on the left upstairs as you look at the shop was access to the original upper floors of the building that had been on the site. I wonder ...


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