Sunday, 11 March 2018

Old pictures of Ramsgate and Margate and the Ramsgate map example

The pictures will expand if you click on them.

For the most part the whole business of what you are seeing in the old local pictures is mostly resolved with maps and as most of the dialogue about old local photos is now on the local Facebook groups That is where I reply to people.

However I don’t usually post directly to Facebook because of what it does to the pictures in terms of shrinking them and cropping the edges off them

There was some dialogue about this one from yesterday, including the question, what is the building in the distance?

So here is the appropriate bit from the 1908 map (you can buy the map from my bookshop, it is too difficult to post)

and here is the same map with an arrow pointing along the road by the pub, so it is probably the building next to The Yarrow now Thanet College 

This one, not mine, know where you are?

The map explains, although what the various social media sites do to the picture is nearly as hard to explain, so here is the link to the whole map

The map is easier for some people on paper and if you are one of them I sell it in the bookshop for a tenner or you could have a go at printing it out yourself. 

Book wise in the bookshop, we got in and put out a fair few Stephen King books among the others on Saturday, a lot of people seem to be reading him at the moment, this is the link to the pictures of the books   

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Comments, since I started writing this blog in 2007 the way the internet works has changed a lot, comments and dialogue here were once viable in an open and anonymous sense. Now if you comment here I will only allow the comment if it seems to make sense and be related to what the post is about. I link the majority of my posts to the main local Facebook groups and to my Facebook account, “Michael Child” I guess the main Ramsgate Facebook group is We Love Ramsgate. For the most part the comments and dialogue related to the posts here goes on there. As for the rest of it, well this blog handles images better than Facebook, which is why I don’t post directly to my Facebook account, although if I take a lot of photos I am so lazy that I paste them directly from my camera card to my bookshop website and put a link on this blog.