Saturday, 10 March 2018

Old local pictures and a bit of a ramble and a bit of watercolour and some improved Belgian Café photos.

The photos will expand if you click on them and then should expand again if you click again. Many thanks to Mick who posted these Ramsgate ones to me/us.

Next the Belgian Cafe photos many thanks to John for enhancing them

On to my day, I mean to say, does anyone want to know about this? I went to Canterbury to paint watercolour – armed with my noise cancelling headphones and these worked against the wall of sound in the cathedral. There was a major choral event – I think a practice session. The acoustics of the cathedral can reasonably be described as powerful while the business of watercolour painting is a bit tender.

So here are the paintings with some thoughts
 This watercolour painting inside Canterbury Cathedral, which is about an hour in, that is what you see is the first uninterrupted hour, this is from this is from the south choir aisle looking towards the south nave aisle.

I did a bit more of the Canterbury Cathedral martyrdom painting which seems to be moving towards being finished. I have really no idea how you tell if a painting is finished, but tend to discuss the paintings with the people who work in the cathedral, spend much more time there than I do and help with this particular problem.

Paintings of the inside of Canterbury cathedral that are recognisably the inside of Canterbury Cathedral are very thin on the ground. One way or another the cathedral seems to want to be painted and there is a sense that my options are a bit limited until I have done enough of them. There is an area with painting where one gets a sort of oblivion all a very tricky area 

Today's other painting was done in Canterbury's Chocolate Cafe
What I am trying to do here is to approach the way of including people in watercolour sketches, this is made much more difficult because I don't get on well with painting from photos 

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