Saturday, 3 March 2018

Starfish on the beaches, Nice and warm at Wetherspoons in Ramsgate aka The Royal Victoria Pavilion, painting history pictures, Ramble.

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If you want to paint a picture from life in reasonable comfort during the winter then your options are fairly limited. One of them is to find a window seat in a bar or café, this is much more difficult than you would expect. In the winter in Ramsgate Wetherspoon’s in Ramsgate does have some tables at windows that have a view of Ramsgate and this morning I managed to nab one. 

This was a balcony seat, the picture above shows the balcony in 1903
this one shows the balcony now with an arrow pointing to the window I was paining through taken today.

this is a picture of the same window that I took in 2010

So here are some pictures of postcards of the pavilion that I just happen to have lying around

Back to the watercolour wosisname 

as you may be able to see it didn't go very well
here is an outa winda piccy to 'elp aspiring art critics.

With the starfish on the beaches, I hear you asking is it sea star associated densovirus or is it weather related?  

Some Margate pictures next 

This one is the Boatmen.Flag Day (c1922)

Today it was lovely and warm in Wetherspoons 

I may add a bit more 

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