Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Ramsgate Viaduct confusion don't believe everything you read in books and D A "Tinker" Cobbold at York Street Gallery in Ramsgate

 One of the customers browsing the railway section in the bookshop pointed out this mistake in one of the railway books to me. As I am sure most of you will know these pictures are of Ramsgate Viaduct although the are all labelled Folkestone

A quiet day at work here, I spent most of it trying to catch up with correspondence and am very glad to have tomorrow off.

The issue with screen usage is a peculiar one current studies seem to be pointing at three and half hours a day making us 20% more stupid than we would be without it and more likely to get dementia sooner. This seems to apply to all types of screen and to be saying that the OAPs who were hitting Coronation Street pretty hard in the 1960s are more likely to forget who they are now.

Of course the other one is particulate air pollution especially that produced by burning diesel, jet engine fuel and ship's bunker fuel. Up your nose and into the brain perhaps, although the biggest issue with particulate air pollution is reduced life expectancy from heart and lung diseases. The main reason I have reservations about an air freight hub at Manston and a busy port in Ramsgate.

Anyway about 6 hours screen today and looking forward to settling down with a book (on paper of course) after writing this post.

By the way this is Folkestone Viaduct 's taller than ours.

I did get out and some photos of D A "Tinker" Cobbold's exhibition at York Street Gallery in Ramsgate

I also popped into Nice Things and took some photos of the new stock there

 very little time to wander about due to work
 a fairly high tide
 fortunately without a storm
 The sky seemed particularly blue through St George's tower

a few Margate photos to balance things up

The ongoing BREXIT issue still seems to have the country badly divided, talking to people although it seems the country is split down the middle on the in out front, it's very hard to work out the views of the Remain side on a no deal scenario. 

A new kid on the block with Manston airfreight hub, "Flight Shame" never heard of it before link to news article 

I guess I should add, don't believe everything you read on blogs, especially this one

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  1. I travelled to School by train from Margate to Faversham from 1957 on what was called the directors train, it was regularly pulled by West country class and Battle of Britain class steam engines. Looking back it was the end of an era, electric trains just didn't impress the way a thundering great steam engine could!


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