Thursday, 3 October 2019

St Margaret's Bay, Deal, a few old Thanet pictures, same old really

 So starting with old pictures of St Margaret's Bay, not strictly Thanet about 10 miles from Ramsgate
 if you haven't visited then I would recommend it
Lunch at Coastguard link to reviews
good seaside pub with good food
A worrying trend here and at Turner Contemporary is the woven plastic teabag, too strong for me to tear so what it does to wildlife that swallow it god only knows. Death by teabag I would think, Turner Contemporary used to do PG Tips and I am a fan of well known named teas, the next bag I got at Coastguard was Tetley, perhaps they noticed me photographing the other one.
Lunch for me and my grownup + cup of tea for both of us and refilled cup of tea £15.90
More photos when you get to the photos link at the end.
On to Deal
although The Deal Bookshop which is a Waterstones in disguise had closed early, perhaps it is truly developing independence in an out to lunch type of way.
Note the scaffolding around Deal Pier Clock, perhaps health and safety means it's needed to adjust it.

I bought a lot of books books Deal but in the end I had to give up in Oxfam Bookshop where they were playing Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. Some things like sucking lemons and playing the trumpet are mutually exclusive - you can't do them at the same time. I can browse books and I can listen to Benjamin Britten and I can browse books, but not at the same time.
God bothering with a boarding hook is a Deal thing, I like Deal.
this is a small selection from the 100ish pile of books we bought in Deal today, hot dawg

The phone signal in St Margaret's Bay and Deal is not good
so off to Wetherspoons for a known make cuppa and some wifi to catch up on Boris, emails etc

link to the rest of today's photos

Plenty of books went out in the bookshop yesterday including our new reprint of John Rennie's Diary and exact reprint with flower mills, oh dear, soon to be corrected.

link to the pictures of the books we put out yesterday

next a few local views for the afflicted

Oh dear the indestructible tea bag that will last for thousands of years, if anyone on the planet survives will they ever forgive us.

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  1. Lived in two properties in Cranbourne Place, who can remember going to the bakery first thing in the morning in Mill Lane, Colemans I think, and waiting for the bread still hot straight from the ovens?


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