Saturday, 5 October 2019

Ramsgate walk photos from 10 years ago and a bit more sketching at The Pav, you can't be right if you can't be wrong

This is the link to the Ramsgate 2009 photos 

More of the watercolour sketch in the Royal Victoria Pavilion Ramsgate, this time a couple of details of people added this evening

No rush with populating this painting, but I am wondering if anyone knows of anywhere else that would be good to paint on dark evenings after work.
The foods OK the prices good value, but it's the view I go for and in night view mode I can't really find anything in the same league. I don't mind driving a bit - and I can certainly understand why it's so packed - it does help to have a lot of people to populate a picture and there has to be a reasonable chance of them staying in the same place for a bit.
A reasonably busy day where I work at Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate
I spent the time between customers recovering the board that go in the door windows at night with the 1872 map of Ramsgate that we publish and sell in the shop I added an out of dale local chart to fill in the gaps at the bottom of the boards.

It is easy to muddle up the boards so the chart is the other way round, like sides to middling a sheet, so in a sense whichever way the boards go in you can't be right but you can't be wrong either.

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