Friday, 4 October 2019

Art, boats, Turner Contemporary and oddly enough teabags

Supper at The Pav in Ramsgate painting off the balcony this evening, can you spot the difference? I don't think I can anymore. Please appreciate this is probably not art but watercolour painting.

I got a press release promoting these new films from Turner Contemporary today. It says Just Released: Turner Prize 2019 Artist Films

This reminded me of my visit last Saturday and the mystery of the plastic teabag

 Here it is at Turner Contemporary Cafe
here it is enlarged

As some of you know before I was a shop assistant I was a mechanic of sorts so I'm interested in this type of thing and look into it.

this is a link to an article about these new plastic teabags

my current credentials (mechanic of sorts) should let you read the full text in a scrolling box under where it says you can't

not perhaps a recommended cuppa and a novel way to exterminate wildlife. I couldn't actually rip it apart with my bare hands and guess it would take a very long time to biodegrade.

An average sort of day at Michael's Bookshop where I work here in Ramsgate

link to the photos of the books we put out today

most are aimed at a younger audience.

on to the old Ramsgate and Margate pictures, boats and flying-boats

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