Thursday, 24 November 2011

A Ramsgate Picture Puzzle

I was standing in a place in Ramsgate today and thought the view was particularly good so I took some pictures, the puzzle is to answer where I was standing.

The pictures are all unedited as they appear on the camera card

To help make this easier or at least different click on the link for bigger versions of the pictures

If you can’t wait until tomorrow, when I will put up the rest of the pictures from this location, for more of this sort of thing here are the ones from the top of St Georges church earlier this year.


  1. Hmm, an really interesting post. First of all I thought Kennedy House but soon realised that I didn't think that was correct. A few photos later and it was the photo of the garage in Hereson road which gave me the biggest clue.

    If you had posted this a few days ago, it may have taken a little more thinking about.

    My guess is the tower atop the Granville... I bet it was amazing!

  2. Spot on RossM I will bung up the rest tomorrow.

  3. OK as the question got answered so quickly here’s another, how is it I was able to photograph St Georges Church from the Granville, but wasn’t able to photograph the Granville from St Georges Church?

  4. To be fair, had you not recently been in the Granville, it probably would have taken me a bit longer to work it out !

    As for the next question, I have a pretty good theory but I shall leave it for others to have a guess.

  5. Could you not see The Granville as you could only go on the roof at the bottom of the Lantern, therefore the view was blocked by whichever tower block is in the way? Presumably if you could climb some scaffolding etc to the top of The Lantern you would be able to see The Granville....or am I looking at this completely incorrectly!!??

    Fantastic photos - look forward to seeing more of them.

  6. Err Albion House


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