Friday, 18 November 2011

Granville House Ramsgate, pictures of the basement, disused bar, dining room and function rooms and some thoughts on the future of the Granville.

As part of my general interest in Ramsgate’s disused leisure facilities, this post is about the parts of the Granville that are disused.

The map above may be helpful.

The red area is the part that is due to be auctioned next month, the auction details should appear here soon

The green area is the part that was rebuilt recently.

The blue area show where the ground floor is disused.

The photographs next, please understand that a lot of them were taken in complete darkness, so in some cases the quality and subject is dubious, also for some I used a very wide angle lens as I couldn’t get fare away enough to fit enough in any other way.

This page, the first ones are of the main entrance hall to the flats which is in use, followed next by the part that most recently used as a bar, followed by The Prince Albert Room which appears to have had the fireplace stolen. Here is the link

I am putting this post together and adding to it as I get time today, any help with old photos, historical information, modern information would be helpful.  

There were of course these plans passed in 2005, I am not sure if they are still valid. 
Here is the back, it looks a bit tacky to me, the planning ref is F/TH/04/0882 if you fancy investigating it.

On to the next page of pictures, through the kitchen and into the dining room and at the end of the page into the cellar below. Here is the link  

The dining room is rather sad, one of the pictures of it is at the top of this post, the big wooden box on the left covers the fireplace, I believe there is a similar one on one in the houses of parliament another Pugin building.

Various parts of the ceiling have collapsed, I suspect due to water damage. 


  1. It was in the Granville Bar that my Grandmother introduced me to 'Whisky Macs'. They were half a crown a throw.

    I clearly remember one New Years Eve and the maple sprung dance floor. Which was at the time the only one in the country. We once had so much in this town.

    Also, my parents once had a flat in the Granville.

  2. I think there used to be weightlifting/bodybuilding in the Granville basement in the 50s and 60s. I see there's plenty of room for overhead lifting as I previously had images of guys squeezing in a cellar !

  3. I find it disgusting that we entrust TDC to look mafter these buildings yet when the casino hadded it back it was in a trashed state and we get to pick up the tab

    1. To put the record straight, the Casino had a fully repairable lease and therefore the Rank Organisation who held the lease did all the repair work at no cost to TDC.

    2. The only problem being that Rank didn’t do the work, so the pavilion is still derelict.

  4. 'The large dining hall' ?

    Was the theatre illustrated also in the hotel or was that the Marina music hall / picture house / neros? Either way what a pity to see that part of the building in such a poor state.

    P.s. the breeze block infilling / bricked up doorway in the basement - is one of those likely to be the much rumoured original passage down to the beach or the Granville Caves?


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