Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday Ramble and pictures, or fewer pictures?

After photographing the Granville on Thursday I headed off to Deal, a town that hasn’t been damaged by out of town shopping in the way the Thanet towns have.
 Lunch at the coffee shop at the end of the High Street this is both good and cheap, about £5 per head for lunch and a drink. Pictures at

Some of the pictures were out of the car window as my wife was driving, some were interesting, most I have deleted, see


Saturday I had to take my children to an event and on the way back I passed the Monkey House Art Gallery, I didn’t expect this to be open or anything on there but it was so I stopped and took some pictures, see

An interesting exhibition I thought, I often find when I have visited an art exhibition I feel the urge to paint something myself, so I did a quick sketch based loosely on the people running the gallery and the strange business of selling something aesthetic.

Some of the exhibits included retro items, which contrasted strangely with the easel the inevitable laptop and the gallery being in such a strange place.

I should point out that I was very nearly expelled from school for sketching, and usually use considerable restraint, as on the whole people don’t feel comfortable being subjects, or perhaps victim is a better word.
Gallery owners and other artists though I consider to be fair game, so here is the sketch.

On to today, lunch at The Minnis, this is one of my favourite Thanet Restaurants followed by a walk along the sea defence causeway in the direction of Reculver. This is the sea defence that failed in the 1953 storm.

Far too many pictures I know, this is the last page and I can say in my defence that i did delete about half of them.

Back to the picture of the face, faces, I particularly like this face illusion video.

I may ramble on some more.   

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  1. I think the sea defences along from Minnis Bay to Reculver have been strengthened considerably since then Michael. Even since I first moved to the area in the mid 80s they've been constantly improved.

    Interesting that Deal has two (not one) big supermarkets outside it's train station, yet this doesn't seem to put off visitors nor destroy the rest of the town. A lovely place that I visit quite a lot (nearly cycled there today but instead I got trains to Sheppey & then cycled all round the island).


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