Tuesday, 5 September 2017

A couple of tall ships in Ramsgate Harbour today, Some Ramsgate Photos for 2007 and the sharp end of god bothering in Deal

You know how it is when the zealous missionary type turns up and wants to convert you into some sect or some other sect. Personally I’m an Anglican, but when it comes to spreading the word I don’t really go further than having a “Mind Body and Spirit” section in the bookshop.

I can for instance sell you a King James Bible, or a book to help you improve your Wicca. Many years ago while working for a chain of religious booksellers I got a severe ticking of for ordering “Teach Yourself Astrology” (on their banned book list) which is a tricky area. click here and read the quote in today's bookshop post to see what I mean

Back in the day the Teach Yourself and Made Simple series were so popular that customers would ask. “Where’s you make yourself simple books, and shop assistants like me would know exactly what they meant.

But this being a local history “East Kent” blog post we are going back to 1893 and as this is Missions to Seamen stuff based in the town of Deal, which is the place you can see from Ramsgate cliff top to the far right.

Rev Thomas Stanley Treanor was the local sky pilot, this involved launching and open sailing boat by sliding it down greased planks on Deal beach and then getting the sail up pdq, apparently he was out more that 300 days a year and as he was mostly ministering to ships sheltering in The Downs, this must have included the bad weather days.

I have just repaired the sample pages for this book so here are the links.

the other lot I have just repaired are some snaps from a couple of short walks in Ramsgate in March 2007, hare is the link to what is now one webpage with the pictures on it http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/307/

And finally click here for today's snaps 


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