Friday, 22 September 2017

Ramsgate Harbour in the 1800s photo from the other end, spot the difference with the painting of the waterfront from The Royal to The Alexander from Pavilion, some out and about into the sun pictures of Ramsgate this evening.

I think this picture of Ramsgate Harbour probably dates from around 1890, the low level of water in the inner basin is probably because the sluices have been run to clear the silt from the outer harbour, the boats are fishing smacks.
The watercolour draft sketch is doing what they do, I hope to do a few more from the Pav before the the winter comes.
I thought a Teletubbies type sun over Ramsgate would be interesting and it proved difficult to photograph this is the link to the rest of this evening's photos

I have been catching up on emails and think I have done all of this month’s local history queries, so if you have sent me a local history question and I haven’t replied, please send it again.  

I am writing this post while cooking curry so it may be a bit disjointed, a busy day in the bookshop this is the link to the photos of the books we put on the shelves

An interesting thought on modern life and recorded music that having gone around the the whole loop of buying vinyl records, cassette tapes, and then c.d.s I recently bought a new album as a vinyl record.

I often buy secondhand vinyl records, but for the last, how long is it? I don't know. The new albums have been c.d.s, my thinking here is at least it will play,even if it gets scratched and it is difficult to misplace.

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