Thursday, 14 September 2017

Still focussed on echoes of Ramsgate lighthouse around 1900, and some photos today, mostly of Hythe but a few Canterbury and Ramsgate ones. Some thoughts on parking costs.

I think the vessel giving off smoke in the middle is probably the tug Aid and the one on the left most likely a collier as in the days of steam and coal fires the coal was probably Ramsgate’s main incoming cargo.

We went to Hythe today, this was mostly buying books for the bookshop, lunch in Follies,


 very good pizza, lunchtime so we didn’t want a large meal and shared one between the two of us. The leisure was a walk to the seafront and back.

Hythe is a busy and attractive coastal town as you can see from the pictures, well at least the ones that are in focus, here are the links to today’s snapshots of Hythe

Parking prices are a big factor when visiting a town, buying books I need a cheap car park that is close to the town centre.
£2 for all day is very slightly cheaper thtan the one I usually use in Canterbury, and it is closer to the middle of the town as you can see from the map 

I have ringed the High Street and car park in red.

A couple of pictures that probably tell a story from the Hythe strips on the camera card 

Plenty of local history and more what I am coming to think of as retro reading, I shouldn't say when you have had enough of the hundredth american cereal killer as it only drives people cornflakes.  

I think this may be a racist thing, reading the quintessentially British, that is, actually after Trainspotting perhaps even English. 

Looking at this I think I read more books by white Englishmen who are older than me than any other group.  

I have just had a look at the bookshop blog post and as far as I can see the majority of the books that went out fall into this category

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