Sunday, 17 September 2017

Wylde Swan flies away from Wetherspoons, I find a picture of the capstan on the end of the west pier in Ramsgate a bit more painting in Canterbury, Sunday in fact

Sure I have posted this picture before with the bucket dredger Hope and a Ramsgate fishing smack by the lighthouse, you can of course click on it a bit and it will probably expand bit I have cropped out the capstan.

It's the black thing at the end of the arrow, think of it a a cotton-reel with holes around the top to put matchsticks in and you won't be far off. Scale everything up and the people push the matchsticks to wind up the cotton.

back in the day when the only motive power was sail, ships entering the harbour ran aground on the mud-banks to stop them and were warped off with with thick ropes and hard work at the capstan bars.

In Nelson's navy the phrase, start the men, meant hit them to make them push harder.

 I am not a fan of the big breakfast, toast and marmalade at Wetherspoons overlooking the harbour and the sea £3

I fiddled about with my preliminary sketch over breakfast, this one will never become a watercolour painting as it has too many errors, it's really only to give me ideas about what may look good from there.

 So there she goes Wylde Swan under engines, that is. Sorry about the squiff horizons, a more dedicated person would have straightened them

Canterbury next

St Anselm's chapel Canterbury cathedral, I did a bit more to the detail and then realised that the paper was folded and opened out into a bigger bit so thought I would have a go at the left hand bit too.

 's a bit feint at the moment

I did try a panoramic shot with my phone

Anyway a question for experts

 So this Nero place
 says 1698 at the top

 and 1573 further down
 is the top older than the bottom, sorry I mean is the bottom older than the top?
For the dedicated bookshop followers here is the link to the Saturday books 


  1. Michael, thanks for posting these photos. I particularly liked the one of the capstan in front of the lighthouse, which we were discussing a few days ago.

  2. Simon I had been partly looking out for it for you, glad you like it.


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