Thursday, 8 February 2018

I revisit; Journeys with ‘The Waste Land’ at Turner Contemporary Margate. Usual historic and today’s photos, ramble and stuff

First the historic photos Ramsgate Margate and Broadstairs, these should expand well if clicked on a couple of times.

These were copied straight from the album one page all first shots and I hope I am getting better at using the camera in my Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus phone. The light at my desk is artificial and could be better so this is a bit of a learning curve.

Journeys with ‘The Waste Land’ at Turner Contemporary Margate is a difficult and demanding exhibition and having gone today in company I realise that unless you are reasonably convercent with the poem, the exhibition probably won’t work for you.

On the other hand (four fingers and a thumb) if you have heard and read the poem on and off since your childhood then you are up against a priori concept type of thingy in terms of the imagery related to the poem.

I for instance have an image of Lil imbedded in my mind that probably predates the time I knew about abortions, and it was probably that part of the poem that formed some sort of understanding. Whatever it’s a mile from the series of three pictures where the girl – I suppose it’s the social class and the age which is hardest to rewrite.

I took a few more pictures in Margate today with my Nikon P90 which I am getting used to, this is with the camera image size set in 1 mega pixel which gives an image size of 1280x960 and the quality set on fine which means the minimum amount of file compression.

What this means is that the file the camera produces is abut the size of a computer screen and I can publish it straight to the internet very easily and quickly.

Here is the content of my camera card


As you see mostly of the exhibition and the views from or near Turner Contemporary, as I said a difficult exhibition, demanding and I think a fairly brave move on the part of the gallery.

My first visit was last Saturday, here is the link to my blog post about it

I think I am a long way from being able to write a review of this one, as a bookseller I do appreciate a local art gallery putting on an exhibition where you really do need to read a poem before you visit the exhibition.

I would add the caveat that listening to the poem being read to you, reading the poem using some sort of technology, reading it from a paper book and reading it from your own book are different experiences. Just having it on the shelf where you live may mean adventures that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

I’m afraid my own poetry doesn’t appear to be in order although hopefully it is in the bookshop        

Here are the books that went out in the bookshop yesterday

 Anyway food and drink
 and a bit of sketching in the galley Cafe

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