Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Manston RSP DCO 2018 Consultation Documents

This post is to help people Respond to the Manston DCO consultation, which if you want to respond to it you have to do by this Friday.

Information Report (PEIR) links on left side of page

PEIR 1  Vol I Chapters 1 to 10

PEIR 2  Vol II Chapters 11 to 18

PIER 3  Vol III this is the maps and plans and as a pdf too big to run in anything so a folder of the picts init, I have also put the pictures of the pictures at the bottom of this post where they will expand (but probably not as big as from the folder.

PEIR 4 Vol IV Appendices 1.1-1.3

PEIR 5  Vol V Appendices 2.1-7.5

PEIR 6 Vol VI Appendices 7.6-9.5

PEIR 7 Volume VII Appendix 10.1 Part 1

PEIR 8 Volume VIII Appendix 10.1 Part 2

PEIR 9 Volume IX Appendix 10.1 Appendix B-Appendix F

PEIR 10 Volume X Appendices 11.1-12.5

PEIR 11 Volume XI Appendices 14.1-16.1

Other Documents

1 Introduction An Introduction to the Consultation

2 is the PEIR links above Preliminary Environmental Information Report

3 Non technical summery  Non-Technical summary of the PEIR  (“NTS”)

4 Masterplan Masterplan

5 Noise mitigation Plan Noise Mitigation Plan

6 SOCC Statement of Community Consultation

There are some problems with the way RiverOak Strategic Partners have put the consultation online and this page is intended to help anyone who wishes to respond to the consultation regardless of whether they are for or against the DCO proposals.

One problem is that the eleven parts of the pier document are not labelled , even when you download them
 you get this

and it isn't until you open the document that the titles on the documents appear (shown next to the link above. I know that even what is says on the top of the document isn't all that helpful but it's a start.

Another problem is that if you download all of the documents to you computer, tablet or phone and try to open several at once your device becomes unstable.

using the links above you should be able to run all the documents in your browser concurrency, in different tab,s without slowing your device down significantly.

One of the big problems with the documents is that if you open them from the RiverOak aka RSP website you can't search them in your browser by pressing Ctrl and F at the same time and then putting the word you want to find in the box that appears. You can do this by using the links above.

It's my intention to add to this post as I use the documents with notes about what's where, it's also my intention to avoid making the post biased as much as I can.

Anything notionally biased and my own notes will go below. this point.

Just checked this works on an Android phone

 searches fine

I would say that my own stance on Manston was to be supportive of the previous operators at Manston.

Supportive of attempts to get an EP from the EA pursuant to full planning consent as an airport, rather than running on a S106 alone.

I have reservations about an airfreight hub on environmental grounds.

I have environmental reservations about mixed use, particularly if light industry is in the SPZ.

Responses 2017 and Responses 2017

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