Saturday, 24 February 2018

The Ramsgate Society respond to the Manston Airport DCO

Just looking at the picture above you can see that historically the people of Ramsgate are totally irresponsible 

Since I have been persuaded by various Facebook supporters of the necessity for building a massive airfreight hub at Manston and how is worth sacrificing the Thanet towns and particularly Ramsgate to prevent noise and air pollution affecting the rest of the population of the southeast The Ramsgate Society has produced their response to the Manston 2018 DCO consultation. 

This is obviously a pernicious document aimed at both preserving Ramsgate's heritage and extending the lives of OAP's living the Thanet towns. My own feeling are that sacrificing a few years off the end of the lives of old people living in Ramsgate Margate and Broadstairs is a small price to pay for increasing longevity in the rest of the southeast.

To quote RSP/RiverOak's own 2018 Non Technical Summery of their provisional environmental report:- "diseases of the heart, lungs and circulation system, mental health and wellbeing, and the overall risk of premature death." This really isn't as bad as it sounds as the particulate air pollution will most likely also give the Thanet OAPs dementia meaning they are less likely to notice.

Here in Ramsgate we have take a fairly flexible approach towards modernisation, so adding plastic double glazing to our listed buildings would seem to be a reasonable alternative to just demolishing them.

Anyway the is the link to the Ramsgate Society response

If you look at the photo above carefully you will see early members of The Ramsgate Society with their weapons concealed in musical instrument cases

Anyway enough of Manston

and a bit more on Drapers Mills in Margate

To me it looks like a castellated tower and not the remains of cogs around the top that could be used in some way rotate the cap. I can now see the picture comes from Watermills and Windmills by William Coles Finch published in 1933, vide plate, which says that it is the remains of the corporation pumping tower. I still feel that something is wrong and will have a go at it later

Here is another picture

I nearly missed Broadstiars out 
of course when it comes to sacrificing OAPs and the prevailing wind direction related to burning 10,000 tonnes of avgas it is Broadstairs that probably makes the greatest sacrifice, so is there a Broadstairs Society an have the responded to the consultation?    

I will be adding to this post as stuff comes up

Next  my day in the bookshop, no skiving off and painting for me to today, staff training inbetween pretending to work.

Writing websites was one of the training areas and here is the link to our nee sale website any criticisms gratefully received 

This is Margate in 1935, I think these people may be entertaining their dog

On the blogging front this blog is coming for its eighth anniversary and 3,000,000 visits. I have set the google hosted page counter, top right, which has the option of all time, 30 days or 7 days, to all time so we can see the 3m approaching
   I have great reservations about what internet statistics actually mean something like one of those humorous sketches where the millionth visitor comes out of the public toilet to paparazzi.

There is a new Facebook group for old pictures of Ramsgate that is worth joining if you are interested in Ramsgate history. 

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