Monday, 26 February 2018

The Joy of Edwardian Coloured Postcards of Thanet, some thoughts on something or another once I have thought them

 Not a particularly hard day at work today on account of the weather I would imagine, just a few people having fairly long book briowses
This is where West Cliff Hall aka Ramsgate Motor Museum is, but before it was built and opened in 1914 when WW1 broke out.

This the Granville before the end was destroyed in WW2

This one after the Pavilion aka Wetherspoons was built in 1903
 Whoops I am not so good on Margate as this one says 1921 on the postmark, so not strictly speaking Edwardian, George V but not Georgian.
 Ah where was I? Oh yes dealing with my ignorance about Margate, Margate blogger Disabled Don sent me this link which leads to an article saying roughly that antiquarian booksellers are better off with technology.
 I should stress here that I am not an antiquarian bookseller but a general secondhand bookseller who is very much focused on trying to maintain a physical bookshop while using technology to attract people to the bookshop rather than selling books online.
 Hence posting pictures of the books we put out each day and pictures of all the books on the shelves in the bookshop  
 I have a sneak suspicion that while readers may read great authors fairly carefully anything that I wrote online would either be ignored or skimmed over, however pictures are a different matter.
 The text on this 1905 card of Margate, posted in Cambridge is interesting I suppose now Cambridge is much more or a tourist attraction than Margate
I may add to this one if I think more

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