Sunday, 18 February 2018

Some old photos Ramsgate, Margate, Broadstairs, a bit more sketching in Canterbury today and Rabbits.

Being neither a Man of Kent or a Kentish Man, having dfl’d in around 1965 I didn’t recognise these implements and thought they had something to do with wading after shellfish. As it is, I now know, having read the card, that this is your basic hop picking kit.

Time to rabbit on about something or another, is it? Suppose you all know the joke about the afterlife, Ethel want’s to know how her Ernie is getting on, on the other side. At the séance, “knock knock – is there anybody there?” “Ernie here, is that you Ethel.” “Yes dear, at a séance, what’s it like, are you in paradise dear?” “well not exactly, it’s very green here and there’s lots of sex.” “What on earth do you mean Ernie, the vicar hasn’t said anything about that?” “I have been reincarnated as a rabbit!”

Canterbury today, would these be indigenous Canterbury rabbits, escaped pets, decedents of escaped pets? Have you checked you hutch recently? These two both gone riverside, today in Canterbury.

Old Thanet photos which will probably expand if clicked on with enthusiasm.

At Ramsgate Sands with "you know" in 1907

August in 1905, the message which seems to be bilious may have lost some of its meaning down theyears.

I did a bit more painting in Canterbury Cathedral 

tried some panorama photos 

from where I was sittin, as you see a bit of a hot seat.

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