Monday, 12 February 2018

Some pictures and a reminder that the deadline for the third Manston Consultation is this Friday

The pictures will expand if you click on them

 This is the link to the books that went out in the bookshop today

A busy day today so a late short post


  1. Sir Roger Gale is on the BBC website today saying River Oaks's plan DO NOT include night flights and never have.

    Is this an outright lie?

  2. Strange one that Unknown, what with the 2018 RiverOak documentation saying they do. Perhaps Sir Roger hasn't read it.

  3. He used to have us believe RiverOak was an aviation company. It casts a shadow over the consultation process if people's responses are being influenced by incorrect information.

  4. "A businessman involved with the latest bid to buy Manston Airport in Kent attempted to mislead the High Court over his business dealings, BBC South East Today has learned.

    Sanjeev Joshi has been described as an "introducer" - as he was the man who brought together the US investment company RiverOak and the owner of Manston, Ann Gloag.

    Mr Joshi also attended a meeting at Manston with RiverOak executives and the local MP Sir Roger Gale.

    A company run by Mr Joshi was liquidated in the High Court last year with the judge describing him as attempting "to mislead the court".

    Earlier this month, RiverOak's bid to buy the airport was rejected, with Manston saying it had not received any "credible or viable" offers.

    The airport is due to close at 17:00 BST on Thursday."


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