Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Old photos, RSP website problems and the fantastic Steven Alexander art exhibition.

I thought I would respond to the Manston Consultation today, it didn’t go well – the idea was to download their form and type in my responses between customers in the shop, attach the completed from to an email, job done.

Once downloaded I found the document is locked in some way that prevents you from writing on it. I emailed rsp who suggested the live online thingy at but I didn’t fancy that as I was doing a lot of other things as well and I wanted the whole document in front of me.

I already had the PIER open in tabs from so wanted something I could keep saving locally.

In the end I decided responding directly by email would be best and as the deadline is Thursday I applied myself to it.

Then I got to the Masterplan and the wretched thing wouldn’t open at all, not from my website, not from rsp's, not the file I downloaded Wednesday in Adobe, so I emailed rsp who haven’t replied.

Anyway several hours later I have managed to get the thing working at

The high point of the day was the Steven Alexander art exhibition at York Street Gallery here in Ramsgate. Not the easiest thing to photograph as a lot of it is glazed oils, but I did my best see

Relaxation now so here are the old photos, the writing on the back when there is any.

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