Saturday, 17 February 2018

Nayland Rock Hotel Margate, because of T S Eliot, The Waste Land. Turner Contemporary.

I think if you chose your time badly and had asked TS Eliot how he was he could easily have said “dying, with a little patience.” Well it probably would do fairly well in a competition for the most depressing poem in the English language, oh how I wish they had done Old Possums Book of Practical Cats.

One way or another if JWM Turner hadn’t – oh done what? Gone to school in Margate, acquired a mistress in Margate – if TS Eliot hadn’t – oh done what? Got divorced been depressed by WW1, been American, well I wouldn’t have visited the damaged parts of The Nayland Rock Hotel today.

Anyway armed with my leaflet and disturbed enough by the typeface on the leaflet to be listening to William Burroughs on my headphones I took the Loop Loupe well anyway the bus to Margate.

I don’t generally take the bus but I find that blog posts mostly written on the bus have a different style. (see I was a good bloke and didn’t say “writing texture) I can’t help being a bit of a snob and feel closer to Lil on the bus than in the car – bring it on, The Waste Land.

Anyway why an American poet whose name is an anagram of toilets and had a pseudonym of Old Possum isn’t an Auzzie won’t become clear, busses are not as comfortable as my car.

Obviously a leaflet with a map is a demanding item and so yes I did visit some other places displaying things I didn’t understand and when asked claimed to be a watercolourist, but didn’t get tea and sympathy.

There are difficulties when trying to visually express a poem that broadly falls into the bracket “modern art” with contemporary art, now if we had a good old modern artist like Picasso or Bacon perhaps not Cézanne, because of the business with the island, well I would have understood what was going on.  

The view from the top end room is accompanied by a Lynchish film playing in the background as the sign on the door says not suitable for children, it may well be Twin Peeks, Margate though is really Lindsey Anderson country and begs a contemporary version of Oh Dreamland. 

you did want to see the pictures I took in Margate today, didn't you? Oh go on say, do say. here are the links to the pictures I took in Margate today

Meanwhile back at Turner Contemporary they were installing something loosely based on Henry or Hetty Hoovers that made children scream because it wasn't finished and they couldn't go init.

I stood in Eliot's shelter, well you don't like to sit down, not knowing what the various puddles and stains signify and surveyed the view panoramically

This is probably the link to the great big pictures that you would have to download to see if they are blurry or don't join up properly   

On the other hand, no silly - not four fingers and a thumb but the bookshop, having got some flack recently for promoting not only bookshops but art galleries would you believe here is the link to the pictures of the books in the bookshop in Ramsgate  

Back in Nayland Rock country as recently as I think 1990 Mick Jagger held a party there and the bit the artist's are using looks to be going through renovation after roofing issues.

 Here are the stones at the Winter Gardens in I think 1975, if you know what you were doing in75 you may have issues.

There will be a bit more of this blog as I haven't finished yet perhaps

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