Friday, 2 February 2018

Ramsgate arts, Nice Things, photos and some sort of Ramble

 Lunchtime today started with a visit to Nice Things
 I promised some Caribbean style photos
 perhaps a bit grainy as you really need more sunlight
 one of Ramsgate's more recent shops and well worth a look
 I think the photos should expand if clicked on

 still doing battle with the new phone but slowly getting there with its camera I think

 On to AiR Arts also in Harbour Street

 and of course back to work until this evening.
Food for four of us in Wetherspoons less than £30 including drinks, honestly though looking for difrent venuses in Ramsgate but this really boils down to, reasonable value, high standard of cleanliness, cheerful and courteous staff.

I think this extends into somewhere that all of the family and friends that we have in tow are comfortable, if you have children or teenagers in tow then I think, chips, pizza and burgers featuring on the menu is a must. I also think that some of the meals have to be of a size and type that ordinary person would normally expect to be able to eat. To expand on this one, not everyone spends their life engaged in activities like mixing cement all day that burn up huge amounts of calories. 

Wetherspoons don't have music or allow dogs inside. Neither are a problem to me unless they are dominant or the dogs come close to the food that people are going eat.

As far as bar prices go, back when I did bar work the bar price was roughly twice the barrel price and at the moment I think that the barrel price is mostly around £1 per pint.
 This is just a note to me that the picture has the wrong label on it.

 Sad to hear the Belgian is closing.

On to the old photos, I tried another album page

As you see I still haven't mastered copying with the new phone.

Back in the bookshop, this is the link to the pictures of the newly arrived books. No music, food, drink or dogs, apart from the properly tagged assistance dogs. After a sort of smogging I am wondering about banning vaping, any thoughts on that one? But then with bookshops anything that puts readers off browsing is a bit of a no.

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