Sunday, 10 June 2018

1936 postcard of The Pav a day in Ramsgate today with some pictures, Ramsgate Fishing Smack Paintings and a quiet moment in Vinyl Head Cafe

Click on the postcard to expand it, note the building extending out from the bottom of the lift.

This is one of several Ramsgate postcards I bought today, and although I have seen this view before I hadn't previously owned one, so didn't have a postmarked date which at least gives you latest it could have been. So before 1936.

A day in Ramsgate today, This is the link to the photos on my phone  I am not recommending viewing all of them and if I get time I will delete the worst of them. But for those who can't walk about in Ramsgate it's wosisname walk with me.

In the batch of photos there are several of the first outboard motor

This is a 1911 Evinrude outboard motor if this sort of thing interests you this is a link to a video of a slightly later one running. A 2 stroke petrol engine that you can start so the engine rotates either clockwise or anticlockwise. I think this is the first ever outboard produced and so a significant piece of maritime engineering history.

I also took my Nikon bridge camera with me, here is the link to the photos on the SD card from it, is did manage to get some reasonable shots of the watercolours of the Ramsgate fishing smacks and steam trawler.
 Photography wise the problem is reflection and using a zoom camera from across the sailor's church got rid of most of it.

we had lunch at Vinyl Head Cafe
Pot of tea for 2 and light lunch for 2 £14

I thought this was very good value, the quality was very high, the cafe is expanding and at the moment they have one part with music playing and one without, as I suffer from tinnitus which is very unpredictable and can be set off by sound I went in the quiet bit and attempted to paint The Vale.
At the moment the watercolour sketch is in the very early stages. Good quality watercolour paper and very feint marks mean that I can probably get some of the mistakes off.

The activity on the Pleasurama site combined with the rumours that it has been bought by local developers, the general drift of the rumours is level off the bit near the PAV and have some sort of entertainment there, possibly a funfair. Build out the housing part of the development is giving much encouragement to the seafront traders.

Of course, the old site issues are still there, mostly the cliff wall, which isn’t a cliff support structure which may not be suitable to build residential accommodation under and the sea defence flood risk side of the issue.

There is a consensus that as anything is better than what we have and see how it unfolds. I think the main problem is that we have a district council which most likely knows what is going on, but is unlikely to involve local people.

Work, bookshop wise we are fairly busy at the moment and I am having difficulty fitting everything in this is the link to the photos of the books we put out for sale on Saturday obviously it's a fair representation of the books we sell on during a day, meaning usually a lot of customers to help find the right books.

So while I am doing my best to produce fairly interesting blog posts I am not managing one every day.

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