Friday, 15 June 2018

Ramsgate guesthouse card speculation and stuff.

There are certain things in life that don’t really seem to go wrong much like the Sturmey Archer three speed gearbox on bicycles or the ordinary kitchen refrigerator which one assumes has roughly the same working parts as air conditioning which seems to go wrong rather a lot, particularly in cars.

Windows 10 seems to have moved into the world of something that doesn’t want to work properly, is not functioning well on several computers here, one of which is a laptop that is less than 6 months old.

At the moment the most unstable program on MS Windows 10 seems to be MS Word, so I have moved blog writing to Google Drive docs

This photo should expand if you click on it a bit. Back in the late 60s we had a guesthouse in Ramsgate not this one, if it was a guesthouse - it doesn't say but I think it probably was.

Date wise and off the top of my head, I think the hovercraft started from Ramsgate Harbour in around 1966 and moved to the dedicated hoverport at Pegwell in 1969.

Note the boats moored in trots (tied up side by side) in the inner basin, part of my life for a while, The Saratoga, Aquabelle both spring to mind.

By this time both the package holiday and guesthouse fire regulations were taking a toll, the holidaymaker's expectations, staffing costs - well things changed beyond anything the traditional seaside landlady could keep up with.

Anyway that was the last of the cards I bought last sunday

We ate in The Cinque Ports on Margate Seafront this evening, this comes recommended
£37ish food and drink for us and 2 children.

Some Margate photos not good as light was wrong this is the link


  1. When I worked at Sunbeam Photos in the late 60's we printed thousands of postcards for all over Thanet.

  2. Richard we probably had a thousand or more printed for our guesthouse, The Kyles, 29 Augusta Road and I have never seen one that had been posted.


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