Monday, 25 June 2018

When are the mitre fallen, ramsgate mitre lock gates, crosswall bridge and a very strong crane.

The word on the street is that the harbour crosswall bridge won't be ready for Armed Forces day so that marching around the harbour will present difficulties.

Zooming in on the barge with the crane on it

 it looks like the mitre gates have arrived.
whether we will ever be able to walk across either the mitre gates or the gates that like the kraken rise from the deep is another matter.

 Work on the gates mechanism looks to fairly well advanced

also with the bridge

On the work front I am on the laborious task of removing old stock from the shelves of the bookshop

this is the link to the books we put out today

Back to the harbour, on the other side this evening, lock gate engineering isn't my field and I don't really have the time for research.

I think the large steel things that look like 2 metre or more diameter pipes that have been cut in half longitudinally and have padded plastic are caissons which will be put into the water against the crosswall in an upright position and the pumped dry to allow engineers access the lock gate mechanism.

Here is the link to today's photos mostly they relate to repairing the lock gates and bridge. 

work on the Pleasurama site is consistent with the rumour that the end by the Pavilion is to be surfaced for a funfair.

Apologies for the boys with toys aspect next, trick photography, the camera never lies! What never?
So tucked up in my glass caisson, behold the view from the bottom of the harbour. If I get a chance after I have eaten I will try to add some historic photos of the gates.

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